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Dont put round pegs in square holes..

Most organizations continually put the right person in the wrong position or worse yet,the wrong person in any position at all. In the industrial age,people didn’t matter very much to a company.All the company had to do was build a … Continue reading


Intrapersonal intelligence…

  People have different ways to learn and process information.Today,lets focus on the most fundamental form of Intelligence;Intrapersonal Intelligence. While interpersonal intelligence is your ability to communicate with others,intrapersonal intelligence is your ability to communicate with yourself.People who possess this … Continue reading

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Turning bad luck into Good luck…

  Possibly the most important skills one can develop is ability to turn bad luck into a good luck.To do this requires emotional maturity and strength of character. We all make mistakes.Mistakes are important because,when we fail,we have an opportunity … Continue reading

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